Friday, November 26, 2010

Farm Livin'

Spent Thanksgiving at Billy and Heather's up in Castine. Great family, great food, and great post-dinner coma. We drove back to Ron and Jeanne's at Farm Livin' on Verona Island and when we woke up this morning we got our first glimpse of snow for the season! Had to walk the grounds, which are totally different than Jeanne's summer-time garden master pieces, and shoot photos. Hope you enjoy what we enjoyed!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend in Seattle

So Seattle...It's November...and it's typically overcast and foggy...pretty cool actually...

I arrived on Saturday, got picked up by my old friend Adam at the airport and we headed into town. We met up with Kahsi quickly, grabbed some lunch, and then he and I hit Lake Union for a little kayaking and we gassed up the motor boat for a potential outing later that evening.
The forecast was dismal, so we decided against a wet boat ride and instead opted for a great dinner with some of Adam's friends.

Sunday came too quickly and after a great brunch with Kahsi, I wandered around the Pike Place Market checking out all the vendor's offerings while she went back to the conference. I hadn't been to the market for 7 years or so, but it's just as I remember it, even on a dreary Sunday morning.

Without cooperative weather on Monday we made the call to not head into the mountains but rather to the beaches and parks of Seattle. While the ceiling was low, our moods were high while we got sand in our feet and wind in our hair, even after I got pooped on by a seagull!

The tasty offerings of the market:

These next 3 photos are from the Chittenden Locks that separate Lake Union and the Lake Washington watershed from the rest of Puget Sound. Pretty impressive feat and also a great interactive site to explore. The locks act as a connector, not just between the waterways, but between the bike paths too.

These final 2 shots are taken from the beach at Golden Garden park, just north of down town. Despite the inclement weather, there were still a few souls out there braving the elements in pursuit of their sports.