Friday, July 15, 2011

Cancer Free!

Greetings Everyone,

After successful surgery on Tuesday and almost three full days in recovery we got great news this morning from our surgeon, Dr. Sarah Mayo. The pathology report came back today with the best news possible. The cancer did not spread through the lymph nodes or through the colon wall putting me at Stage 1. Basically this means that the surgery was able to remove the cancer from my body and we'll wait to see how this effects further treatments (i.e., chemotherapy). Things are progressing with my recovery (albeit it slowly) and each day brings new challenges for the seemingly simple. My big accomplishment for the day was finishing one saltine just under 3 hours! Kas has been the most helpful wife, nurse, cheerleader and companion. She gets me up to take nice long walks down the florescent lit hallway. She's always ready with a cool washcloth for my forehead and she gives the best foot-rubs in the world. I am truly blessed.

Some of the hard things right now are not having the energy I'm used to, managing the pain post-surgery and generally not feeling like myself. Some of the best things are knowing I'm cancer free (feels really good to say that!) and feeling the love and support of great friends and family. Also knowing I'm in great hands here in the hospital (Chip...the nurses love the care-package...nice move buddy). Looks like I'll be heading home in the next couple days. Kas and I will try to do our best to let everyone know what we need when we know we need it.

Thanks everybody for all your awesomeness! When you said you'd "see me on the other side of cancer"...guess what...I'm here!!