Thursday, May 16, 2013

February Break

Got out for a few days over vacation and trekked up to the Harvard cabin with our sights on climbing something in Huntington Ravine.  We hiked up Thursday night, expecting conditions to clear for Friday, and when the early morning avalanche forecast came back in our favor, we quickly packed up and headed out the door.  We'd heard and then saw that the top outs of Damnation and North were a little thin and with two other parties heading to Pinnacle, we made our decision to climb Odell's and enjoy a little sunshine on this beautiful day!  Paul and I opted to climb sans rope as both of us had soloed Odell's before and the conditions were pretty ideal.  We topped out into the Alpine Garden around 10 into brilliant sunshine and zero wind. Unbelievably ideal and kind of hard to believe for the last week of February, but we milked two hours of lounging around catching sweet rays of vitamin D before heading back down.  While some people need sun and the beach to cure the winter blues, we just needed some sun and a great day in the mountains.